Wednesday, June 8, 2016

70s! Yes!

Yes! Finally I'm in the 70s, 177.2lb today!! Awesomeness! I have been keto-adapted for two weeks now (which means been in constant ketosis). My glucose this morning is 82, and my ketones:2.2.

Light ketosis: 0.5-0.8
Medium ketosis: 0.9-1.4
Deep ketosis: 1.5-3.0

Deep ketosis is best for weight loss! and I'm in it now!

I feel awesome. My skin is all cleared, no acne. I sleep good. I don't need naps anymore (although I still like taking a nap every now and again, Right? who would turn down a nap.) I'm focused. I get full fast. I am loosing weight. My insulin is normal nor (10). My glucose is stable (most of the time, under 100 is ideal for me).

I plan to make avocado chicken salad today. 
I have been busy with classes, and VBS so I haven't had a chance to go to the gym, but that's ok. 

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