Saturday, November 12, 2016

Another 3 weeks

Well I have decided to stick with this diet for another 3 weeks. According to my dietician I went carb crazy when I started. Ooops! So the plan is to stay under 150g of carbs a day. 90g of protein and no limit on fat. 10g of sugar or less for ever meal. I also have to eat CFP every meal (carb fat protein) with one of those things either being a veggie or a fruit. That is pretty much the basis of the diet. It's a lot different from keto were I am not so restricted. Here is a list of the things I can eat:

Complex Carbs:
Black beans (which I don't like)
brown rice
garbanzo beans
kidney beans
pinto beans
raw fruit: apples, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, blueberries, kiwi, bananas, starfruit, mango, pears, pinapples
sprouted or ezekial bread
sweet potatoes or yams
whole grain bread, english muffins, or 1/2 bagel
whole grain cerels and cereal bars
whole grain couscous
whole grain tortillas
yogurt (which I hate)

greek yogurt (which I hate)
cows milk
nuts and seeds
nut butters
lean meats
whole oats
whole grain cereals

nut butters <10g sugar
flax seeds
chia seeds
fatty fish
extra virgin olive oil
coconut oil
grass-fed butter

And that's it!
No weight lost or gained. I plan on doing yoga 2x a week. This way of eating makes sense so far to me and it's something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life, unlike keto.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Changes New Goals

Tomorrow I am officially ending the Ketogenic Diet. I told you that when I decide to stop I will stop. I am going to see if I can loose weight the "normal" way now since my blood work numbers are all correct and in the right areas. Tomorrow I will start a new meal plan all of which is under a dietitian. Yay! I will be adding in carbs. I'm excited and very nervous. This is going to be a trial period. I will try eating this way for 3 weeks, if I can maintain or loose I will continue, if I gain I will go back on Keto. I will continue to blog when I find the time. I am currently working two jobs now and going to school full time so it is difficult to find the time. But I will do my best.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Diet struggles

My weight loss has been stalled. I'm not sure what it is. I recently went on a trip with the Brookdale residents to the local Walmart. I pushed this older lady around in a wheelchair around the store. She was looking for this certain type of pastry. As I was helping her I saw all the food I usually stay away from at the store. The bread, pastries, fruit, cookies, and crackers. It has been 7 months since I had that food and it's sad but I wanted it even though I know that my body can't handle it. Anyway, after I finished volunteering I went to the store and bought a ton of junk food that I haven't eaten in a long time. Let's just say I cheated on my diet and it seems like I have been cheating a lot. I feel like I don't have will power like I did in the beginning. I want to continue back on the keto path but I need inspiration, motivation, something and I'm not sure what it is. I plan to do some food prep today so that I can just take my lunch and go to work.

My job is going well. School is also going well.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Amazing Changes

I am so proud of myself! I am really suprise how well I have stuck with this diet, leanred so much about it and now am sharing my experience with it to others. I had my 6 month check-up with my doctor today. I have revered my diabeties. My ANA (which is autoaminue disease marker) was borderline negative/positive. And now it is negative! My CRP (which is a inflamatory marker) went down to 4.9 from 19.1.My cortisol is coming down nicely. My insulin is Amazing, starting at 165 and now is at optimum 8.5. My iodine is a little sluggish (back on supplements). I will also be taking B12 shots to see if that can help me with weight loss. My vitamin D still low but improved. My platelets, C02, and glucose are all normal.

It really is crazy how I changed these number in a little over 6 months. I feel better and energized. Doctor says I can play with the diet to see what I can handle. She said free to go off keto if I feel like it, maybe start a paleo/Mediterranean. But before I do that she wants me to do her metabolic diet for 7 days. I basically shakes up your metabolism and lets your body keep guessing. So I might try it next week.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wiehgt plateu again...

I have been stuck between 174-178 for about a month now maybe longer. My last weigh in I was 176 but I had lost 5 inches throughout my whole body. I'm not sure if it is muscle. I only did one full session this week and 2 yoga sessions.  plan to go back full hard core this week with 3 full sessions. I start my new jobs soon. Next Monday. My schedule is going to vary (3-4days a week 7am-11am) with the exception of my working one of those days from (2:30am-7am) and being on call as needed but not required. (one day a week probably.)   I am still doing my classes Monday through Thursday from 3pm-6pm. And working at Kindred on the weekends. I'm ready to be mega bissy!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Medical Background

Hey everybody, so in this post I am going to briefly talk about my medical/food history and how the Ketogenic diet has helped.

So in 2008 I was diagnosed with a condition called RSD which is reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It's a nerve condition that causes sever pain through out my whole body 24/7. You can read more about it in this Well two years later in 2010 I was then diagnosed with a condition called Gastroparesis, which was caused from my RSD were my nerves stopped making my stomach work which caused paralysis of my stomach. I went through a struggle where I was on a feeding tube, IV therapy and even a time period where I relied on TPN which is Total Parental Nutrition as my main source of food (food through the vein.) Here is a picture of where my feeding tube was.

I struggled with my gastroparesis for about 2 years. I then learned what my body could eat and what it couldn't. For example I cant eat any soy products, anything with splenda, greasy foods, and spicy foods.

Jumping forward, during the school year of 2015 I became very fatigues. I couldn't so a lot of tasks including going to school, going shopping or hanging out with my friends. I was constantly tired all the time. I didn't understand why I couldn't focus and be up for most of the day. I was taking 5 naps a day and still feeling tired. By Christmas 2015, I had gotten to my breaking point. My weight was 205 pounds. I always told myself that I thought my weight was fine and if there was a problem with it then a doctor would have to be the one to tell me to change it, because I was not going to make the change on my own. Sad. I then got the news that I was prediabetic and i had severe insulin resistance. After trying to loose weight the normal way dieting and exercising and seeing no results, my doctor told me to try the Ketogenic diet.  Because of the TPN and feeding tubes it could be concluded that this was the reason I could not loose weight and so she told me to commit to the diet for 9 months and it would recent my metabolism and maybe I would loose weight in the process. I had my blood work done before I started the diet. My doctor found out that my insulin was very high at 164, normal is 10. She though I had a tumor, after finding no tumor she determined that I was just severely insulin resistant.

Well I started my Keto journey February 8, 2016. I got very depress in the beginning because I was sad that I would never be able to eat cake or donuts again. I also was told to do this diet with no help from a nutritionist. And i was doing this all by myself. I ended up doing my own research. I joined facebook support groups, watched youtube videos, and just familiarized myself with the keto lifestyle. I am very passionate about keto now. I believe in it and believe it is the only way my body works. Its been 7 months of keto and I have lost 32 pounds. I am now training with a personal trainer 3 times a day to build muscle and become more toned.

I am no longer fatigued that I need a nap to function, I can stay awake all day long. I can focus! I feel healthy!

Keto really has changed my life. The Ketogenic diet is also good for epilepsy, which I was diagnosed with when I was 10. A year ago I was able to come off my medication completely and to this day have been seizure free for 3 years.

So not only is Keto helping me reverse my prediabetic state, it is helping me with my epilepsy, and my gastroparesis. Also I had my insulin recently checked and I am not at a normal 10!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Compliments

Recently I have been getting a lot of compliments at work by my co-works telling me that I look skinny. That feels really good. It's hard to notice it myself though, the only thing I can really go by is my pant size. Clothes I haven't worn in 4 years now fit me, and that is the only really way I can tell I am making progress. When I see a before and now picture I can barely tell anything different beside maybe I have a little more of a waist now...I'm not sure.

 This past week I was suffering from a very bad stomach bug and couldn't keep anything in. Being on keto and the first time I had a stomach bug I was unsure what to eat, since the BRAT diet was out of the question. I pretty much survived on chicken broth, eggs, and tea. And that is all I ate for the past week. You think I would have lost weight during that whole ordeal, but no, I have gained, and I think it might be because I was taking Imodium like they were candy, to stop from going, or I am holding back more water weight. Anyway, I am still not back to my normal self. I only went to one gym session last week. Which was on Friday and it was restoration yoga, which was just getting my body back to exercise after that period were I wasn't doing any because of my sickness.

 School is going well. I love my new classes so far. (anatomy and physiology 1, humanities, and psychology). I don't start my new job until the 12, so in the mean time I am doing 20 hours of community service. On Monday I am taking the elderly to the zoo. The volunteering is for 10 extra points for my psychology class.

A lot of my friends have been asking me about this diet/lifestyle. Some even have decided to start the keto diet this week. I hope you all stick with it for at least 90 days. That way you will really let your metabolism reset.

Have a great week. Kari

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Size 11

Today was my day off and I spent most of the day destroying my closet and trying my clothes on (the ones that never fit) and to my surprise these pants that I have in pink and blue fit! They are size 11. The last time I wore them was 3 years ago when I was at this same weight but I didn't get there in a healthy way, I got that way from depression and not eating, not healthy at all. But now I am healthier than ever! Thanks to keto. I am continuing my training, my trainer suggested yoga since my muscles are so tight, so this week I am going to try yoga with the trainer. I got a little bit of yoga when I was with the girl trainer and I liked it so I am excited to try it. If I like it I will do it every Friday.

So I recently updated my Facebook saying that I got a job. Unfortunately that job did not work out however I have just accepted another job this Friday with a local hospital-outpatient. I will continue to work at my current job too. I will be doing both jobs and going to school full time and training. I am excited to start school again, as tomorrow will be my first day of classes. I have also decided to change my field that I will go into. I have decided to go to school for Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant. I am still excited about it as I will still be able to be really creative in that field and there are more jobs available. I am hoping to get a job in a children's hospital would be my dream.

Here is a picture of my February 2016 body to my August 2016 body:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lunch options

Without bread and a bun how are we going to make a sandwich? Well today I am going to share with you a few lunch options and a quick easy bread to make.

First off, there are many ways to make a sandwich without bread. One of my favorites is lettuce wraps. I like to put mayo and ham and mustard on a lettuces wrap and roll it up. You can also put chicken strips inside anything, add some cheese if you want.

Another way to make a sandwich with no bread is hollowed out cucumbers. I love this idea. I love putting mustard and cream cheese on a hollowed out cucumber and then putting ham inside.

Salads are also a great lunch option. I love spinach salads. Spinach with avocado, chicken, or ham, bacon, cheese, cucumbers, with a balsamic dressing, Full fat dressing are really good too! Make sure that you check the sugar and carb contents before buying it though. 

If these veggie sandwiches don't sound appealing you can try my super fast bread recipe. All it is is 1/2 cup of almond flour (not almond meal) and 1 egg. Place both ingredients into a bowl and mix. It will turn into a batter type consistency. Then I usually get a Tupperware lid but you can use a plate too. Spread the batter on the Tupperware lid to make a square. Place in the microwave for 90 seconds give or take depending on your microwave. It might get bubble in it and that OK
. It shouldn't need more that 90 seconds. Just make sure the egg is cooked all the way. take out and cut in half. This recipe only makes one slice of bread so if you want two double the recipe.

I like to put mayo on the almond bread and then put spinach, egg, (cheese), bacon and salt and pepper on it. It's so delicious, it's a really good breakfast sandwich.

Some other breakfast options are: my keto coffee, bacon and eggs, blueberry/chocolate chip keto muffins.

Hope this was helpful. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Grocery Haul

I have a few friends that have been interested in keto and what to know more. So this is a post about what to buy at the grocery store.

Avocados (I love these and they are so good for you)
Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Garlic, Green beans, Mushrooms, Onion, Green Bell pepper (red and yellow bell pepper have higher sugar contents so they are higher in carbs), pickles, romaine lettuce, snow peas, spinach (one of my favorites), all types of squash, and zucchini, lime and lemons,

The veggies  and fruits that you should have in moderation include carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, red and yellow bell peppers, and berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries). When I say moderation I mean not everyday. Since my insulin is so sensitive I only will do it once a month but someone who is less strict on themselves I would say once a week.

Oils, Butters:
Olive oil, coconut oil (this will be your friend on the diet, I promise), coconut butter (which is dairy free), red palm oil, peanut butter, mayonnaise (watch out for added carbs), beef tallow, Ghee

Fish, Shellfish, Whole eggs, meat (beef, veal, goat, wild game, grass-fed is better), pork (loin, pork chops, ham, watch out of added sugar in hams), poultry, bacon and sausage (watch out for added sugars in bacon and sausage), Peanut butter (go for natural)

Heavy cream (when I was eating dairy I love love heavy cream in my coffee!), Hard and soft cheeses, Sour cream, Cottage cheese

Nuts and seeds:
Macadamia nuts (LOVE these, they are a perfect fat snack!), walnuts, and almonds, cashews, pistachios

Almond flour, flax seed, coconut flour

Moderation Flour: tapioca flour

water!, coffee, tea, crystal light made with stevia, almond milk, coconut milk, coke zero (if it agrees with you, I like to stay away from aspartame and splenda but if it works for you so be it), broths (bone or chicken or vegetarian, its important to keep your salt up!), Zevia.
Diet soda in moderation. Diet soda can lead to sugar cravings so watch out!

 Stevia!, Sucrolose, Erthritol, Xylitol, monk fruit, agave nectar (use with caution)

sea salt, black pepper, basil, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cilantro, cinnamon, cumin, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, turmeric

Watch out for some medicine can have carbs in them.

Some other foods you can have are:
pork rinds, whey proteins powders, pumpkin, sugar free jello, sauerkraut, dark chocolate 85%

If I forgot something I will place a link here where you can read more foods that you can eat and which ones you should avoid: foods I missed.

When starting the Ketogenic Diet I suggest getting the app myfitnesspal. This app will help you with setting your macros, calories, and tracking your food through out the day. For the first few months of the diet I would say use the app to help you track yourself, If later you feel more confident you don't have to track, but I'd say track it with the app for the first 3 months of the diet.

Next time I will talk about recipes and what to make for lunches, until next time...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back on Track: a little TMI!

I had a really nice time with meeting with people that support me at my pizza party. But now it's time to get back on track. One way to get back into ketosis after a cheat meal is to take a tablespoon of coconut oil. I did that this morning. Also after all that pizza I am bloated and a little TMI: I haven't pooed yet which I have a normal poo schedule so when its off I'm off. So to help that there the coconut oil, I took enough this morning that something should happen in about a half hour. I don't have any plans today so I though what a better way to detoxify the body ;) If you know what I mean. Me and the toilet are going to be best friends by the end of the day. I also ate 3 slices of bacon for breakfast.

Bulletproof Coffee:
coffee of your choice (I like Seattle's Dancing Goats)
Creamer of your choice (I use unsweetened almond milk, but you can use coconut milk or heavy cream or half and half)
Sweetener (I use Stevia.)
Coconut oil (if you have never had coconut oil before start with a half tablespoon then work up to a tablespoon. If you take in too much too soon then you'll be friends with the toilet all day too. I learned that the hard way)
Optional: Grass fed Butter (since I am doing no dairy I have not been putting butter in my coffee, I miss it but I really recommend it.)

Then usually I just mix it with a blender or magic mullet. I pour my coffee over ice, I just like cold coffee verses hot. But enjoy how you like.

If you are thinking about doing the ketogenic diet things I recommend are:
1. Getting a magic bullet. They are soon convenient when you are making self served meals. They are perfect for shakes, smoothies, coffee, recipes, ect. I will attach a link here on where you can purchase one: magic bullet.
2. Ridding your pantry or kitchen of bad food. If you have family members that are not doing the diet I would recommend making a section of the pantry of kitchen that is just there food. Knowing this you are not allowed to go in there drawer or cabinet. It is much easier if you can rid the kitchen of these temptations.
3. Grocery shopping for all the new food you will be eating. I will go into a detailed blog next time more about this, so stay tuned ;)


Monday, August 8, 2016

7 months

Today marks 7 months I have been on Keto. And today was the day that I would start my normal diet again. I honestly didn't think this diet was going to do as much as it did. I'm surprised and now I am scared to abandon this diet. However I decided that I will just abandon it for the day. Tonight is my pizza party. I weighed myself today 174! I broke the 178-176 that I have been weighing in for the past month! I feel good and have a gym session this morning. The trainer wouldn't be impressed with me, but I am proud of myself and that is all that matters.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Eating Disorder?

While talking to the manager at my gym (who has a degree in exercise and psychology), I mention how when I think about carbs or think about eating them I get anxiety. He says to me " Kari, that could be means of an eating disorder." No! Why would that be means of an eating disorder? To me carbs are poison. The body does NOT need carbs to survive. And my body takes carbs and turns it into a negative making me sick and feeling awful. The Ketogenic diet is my savior in a way. Before the diet my life was miserable. I had to sleep all the time. I couldn't function. If I ate too much sugar I could not get through the day like normal people. Being afraid of something that makes you so sick and debilitating does not count for an eating disorder.

On Monday I started my HIIT and "new" diet. So I was going to start the targeted ketogenic diet, which is where you eat a high carb meal before you work out. I did that on Monday. Well my trainer decided that he was going to give me me a new food plan that consisted of broccoli, chicken and protein shakes for 10 days. I immediately told him that I was frustrated with the plan because when I signed up with him he said he was going to work with MY diet and now he is changing it? So you could see, I was very pissed off. After telling him that this diet has changed my life and my health and him still not believing me I figured I bring my mom in to help support me (cause then again she is paying for the sessions.) My support group told me that I shouldn't waste my time explaining Keto to him, but I really do like working with the trainers and I wanted to give it one last try before giving up (quitting and getting a refund.) So Yesterday morning me and my mom went into his office and spent and hour with him. I honestly didn't think it was going to go well. I expected us to leave, canceling the membership, which I didn't want. He turned out saying that he wanted what was best for me, wanted me to be happy, and if being on Keto makes me happy than he was all for it. However, He did tell me that he did not want me to eat saturated fats. At first I did not like this idea, all my cream, butter, and cheese would be taken away. But now thinking on it, I should be ok. Yesterday was rough but I will manage. I am still doing 5% carbs, 15% protein and 80% fats.

What is a weight loss party? So people keep asking me what a weight loss party is. I am having a party at Cici's pizza on August 8, 2016, for the celebration of loosing 30lb. I have not decided myself, if I'm going to be having a cheat day or not. But come to cici's at 6pm in Melbourne and celebrate my success with pizza!

All in all, I will continue keto with no dairy for the next 12 weeks. The exercise is going good, (3 times a week of High Intensity Interval Training) strength training. Hopefully by the end I'll be toned and fit.


Friday, July 22, 2016


So today I started working out with my Trainor. I will officially start on August 1. Three times a week for 12 weeks. He claims I'll be at my goal weight 145 by then. Also I am going to continue keto but do something called Targeted Ketogenic Diet. It's were you eat carbs 25-50g before your workout and only on the days you work out. That way your only out of ketosis during your workout and you can build muscle and have energy for the intense workouts I will be doing. I did like 100 squats today and 50 bicep curls and my arms and legs are burning. I discovered back muscles that I didn't even k ow I had. I'm really excited to start this new journey in my life.

On Monday I am teaching my first therapy class at the retirement home solo. They director is going on vacation and is leaving me in charge of running the activities department (basically what I'm going to school for.) so that's exciting.

My friend is traveling from Texas to Florida to spend a few days with me Tuesday through Friday. Although I still have my normal activities planned I plan on having fun with her and having a mini vacation.

It's not always easy but it is worth it.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Fat Fast

I started a fat fast on Friday and finsihed it on Sunday. The reason I did the fat fast was to jump back into ketosis because I got kicked out and because it can sometimes get you out of a weigtht platue. Last time I did a at fast I lost 4 lb but I didn't drop the weight until 3 days after the fast. So I am sitting at 176lb now. I've been around 178-176 for months now so I'm ready to drop.

I went to the personal trainer and he did not support the ketogenic diet. He basically told me a bunch of lies and told me that I wasn't going to lose if I didn't listen to him. He told me ketosis is dangerous, which it's not. We are born into ketosis amd breast milk has ketones in it so when we were babies we were bascailly on a ketogenic diet. Saying its dangerous is absurd. He told me I needed to be eating at least 2000 calories a day and eat 75-100g of carbs a day. I barely eat 20g a day so that would not make sense. It would send my body into shock pretty much. I can't process sugar and carbs turn into sugar. So, I decided to try a new trainer and I start that on Wednesday for a free consulation. I will let you know how it all goes. I'm looking foward to it.

I've been crazy busy lately with school, work, and volunteering. I get home at 9-10pm and I'm just exhausted. I usually just head to bed but Kevin usually bothers me, wanting to snuggle. I feel bad that he is here all by himself all day long. Hopefully when my spring classes start I will be home more.

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Goals

So originally I was going to do the Ketogenic diet for only 9 months, however I have decided to finish it for a whole year. So my official end date is February 8, 2017. I do plan to have a pizza date at Cici's pizza on August 8, 2016 to celebrate (cheating) being on the diet for 7 months of being healthier. Anybody is welcome to join!

So as of today I am 179lb. You are probably thinking well that not a lot from the last blog you read, and you would be right. I had a week of not being in ketosis because I was on antibiotics from pneumonia in June. The antibiotics I took for 10 days kicked me out of ketosis and therefor I decided if I'm out of ketosis minds well eat normal, so I did, and I gained 5lbs. So this morning I weighed myself and I weight is to 179lb and I'm happy because when I was on the antibiotics I got back up to 183lb.

I am starting on Wednesday with a personal trainer. He will hopefully help me at the gym and teach me what and how to work out the right way and help me loose more weight. I'm excited for that because I want to become more toned and have a flatter stomach.

I'm so busy busy. This week if going to be crazy I just know it. Today I have tutoring for writing, and let me just say getting tutors at the college is the best thing I have ever did. If I go to tutoring I am sure enough able to get an A in the class. Anyway, I have a speech I am giving about ketogenic diet and cancer. I'm really excited about it and hope it turns out the way I hope it will. I have volunteering at the retirement home, which I probably didn't tell you about, but it's for my recreational therapy program. I also have classes monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, which are all going really well. I also signed up for classes for Fall 2016. I have introducation to humanties, Anatomy and physiology 1, and General pyschology. I am really excited. I have two more semester and then I'm done!! (with my AA that it.)

So my future plans are: Finish my AA at EFSC, then Continue to work at Kindred and go to FIU online Recreational therapy program, and after I graduate I want to move to St. Petersburg. It really is nice over there and they have a variety of hospitals to work at. I really want to work at a childrens hospital, maybe Nemors. Anyways, I'm really excited for my future and what is to come.

I'm still single, and I believe that shouldn't be a status, its a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. I plan on staying single till that special someone comes along and sweeps me off my feet. But for now I am prety content in my life and where I am going.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sugar Intolerance and Supplements

So I recently got a question about what kind of supplements I take. Because I still have Gastroparesis my stomach can't handle many supplement at one time, so I take them throughout the day. In the mornings I take Vitamin D (because I seem to always be low on vitamin D) and a multivitamin that has potassium and magnesium in it. Then later in the day I will take my probiotic pill (because I hate yogurt and can't eat it anyway, I have no good bacteria in my gut.) and I will also take my baby aspirin which is not a supplement but it required so that I don't get blood clots, (I have a genetic condition called Factor V, which allows my body to get blood clots abnormally.)

What is sugar intolerance? Many people think sugar intolerance has to do with diabetes. Yes and no. For me sugar intolerance means that my body can't process natural sugars and pure sugars the correct way. I became extremely hyperglycemic when I just eat a handful of carrots or a handful of raspberries (which I cut out of my diet). I consider under 100 blood sugar to be stable blood glucose level for me. This morning it was 96. And I'm happy with that number.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Scream For Ice Cream!

I made Keto friendly ice cream that is only 233 calories, 4.5g of carbs, 29g of fat and 5g of protein and it is quite delicious. It taste like homemade ice cream. Yum! And it has chocolate chip pieces in it. I also invented making almond bread in one minute. (one egg and 1/4 cup of almond flour) and then you just put it in the microwave for a minute and boom bread. I made grilled cheese from it and it was amazing because I haven't had bread in forever.

Since now that I am keto-adapted (since May 31) I have been losing weight fast! Today (Sunday June 12) I weighed in at 172lb. Wow incredible! I have not been cheating and I have been feeling amazing. The last time I was at this weight was 2014 when I was really depressed and it was not healthy the way I was before. I am so happy I am feeling better and my clothes are looser (especially scrubs, all the nurses at work make comments about how good I look).

So when I was at work I overheard that someone was also on the Keto diet. So listened closer (ease dropped better) and found out that it was my nurse supervisor. I went into a room and she was in there with me, I said to her "can I ask you something? Are you doing the Keto diet?" She said yes and wondered why I wanted to know. I said because I am doing it to. She said she has been doing it since September 2015. She doesn't make recipes like I do though. So I bring her in stuff. I brought her ice cream I made, which she loved and I brought her in avocado brownies which she also enjoyed. It is great knowing someone that also does the "same lifestyle" as she puts it.

As for the future, I have decided to finish out the diet/lifestyle till February 8, 2017. However on August 8, 2016, which marks my due date of my weight loss baby, I am going to Cici's pizza to eat their pretzel stuffed crust pizza. Who's with me to celebrate my weight loss? So far I am at 29 pounds. Whoop Whoop. Only 27 pounds left. I got this!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

70s! Yes!

Yes! Finally I'm in the 70s, 177.2lb today!! Awesomeness! I have been keto-adapted for two weeks now (which means been in constant ketosis). My glucose this morning is 82, and my ketones:2.2.

Light ketosis: 0.5-0.8
Medium ketosis: 0.9-1.4
Deep ketosis: 1.5-3.0

Deep ketosis is best for weight loss! and I'm in it now!

I feel awesome. My skin is all cleared, no acne. I sleep good. I don't need naps anymore (although I still like taking a nap every now and again, Right? who would turn down a nap.) I'm focused. I get full fast. I am loosing weight. My insulin is normal nor (10). My glucose is stable (most of the time, under 100 is ideal for me).

I plan to make avocado chicken salad today. 
I have been busy with classes, and VBS so I haven't had a chance to go to the gym, but that's ok. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Finally in the 70s

Today I finally broke 180 down to 179!

Cumcuber Slush:
1 half cucmber pealled
1/2cup of water
2 packets of truvia

Put all ingredients in blender. Serve

Chocoalate Frosty
2 tbsp of heavy cream
2 tbsp of almond/coconut milk
2 packets of truvia
1 tbsp of unsweatened cocoa poweder

Blend, and serve or freeze. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Things

Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things.

This is defiantly what I needed in my life right now, I didn't realize it but certain people where making my life difficult to handle and stressful. I said before I would be at peace with what was happening eventually, well that eventually has finally happened. I am still sad I lost a good friend however, it's for the best for me and that person. I'm happy and looking forward to see my life heading in the right direction.

As for keto, I mentioned I was depressed about continuing on this diet. I am at 30 weeks and only have 10 weeks left to go. I decided that I would finish till when I said August 8, and then I will decide what to do after that. It really doesn't make sense to not continue on keto, its only way my body can actually function. I found out I am sugar intolerant. My insulin is at normal levels Although, whenever I eat something like fruit or carrots or something naturally sweet my sugar sky rockets. I like to keep my glucose under 100. When it goes above 100 I start to feel groggy, dizzy, fatigue, and just all over sick. I am going to attach a picture here of the Keto food pyramid:
As you can see berries, nuts, and seeds are at the very top. Then just below that is dairy-cheeses, creams. Next under that is Veggies in low carbs. Under that non-starchy veggies. And then on the left side herbs and spices, and healthy fats and oils. On the right side lean meats and fish, and fatty fish, meats, and eggs. It's a lot different from the normal food pyramid.

 I was telling someone at school today about the diet. I told her there are two ways we as human burn to get energy for the body, one way is with carbs the other is with fat. So when I tell people I live off of bacon, it's the truth. Bacon is literally giving me my energy throughout my day. Something odd thing I found out today is that if you blender a cucumber and add stevia (and I added ice) it tastes like watermelon. I can't eat watermelon (one of my favorite fruits) because it's mostly sugar and water. But with this little trick I can trick my taste buds to think I am eating watermelon.

Have a blessed week.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lifestyle changes

I have been depressed these past few days. The reason is because I am depressed over this diet. The fact that I can't put any bit of sugar in my mouth without my sugar and insulin increasing which leads to me gaining weight. Even natural sugars like fruits I can't even  handle. The only fruit I can eat with no increase in sugar are lemons and avocados. Which makes me really sad because I am a sweet tooth person, I love candy and sugary things. And because all of this it finally dawned on me that I will have to be on this diet for the rest of my life. It's not a diet its a lifestyle. I will have to live this lifestyle my entire life if I want to be thin. And that makes me depressed. I may become ok with this reality some time down the road but right now it just sucks. I can't see a world without ice cream, pizza, and Chick fil a. Someday I hope I'll be at peace with my new lifestyle but I am not today. I was thinking about doing Atkins however Atkins let you eat more protein then Keto does and that's bad because if you eat too much protein then it can turn into sugar which will cause weight gain. Uh, I just want to eat a muffin and be happy, but instead I'm sad and eating celery.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stomach bug

Seems that I have caught some type of stomach bug. Been struggling with it for a while. Hope i feel better soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm normal!

I got my insulin result back and yay! I'm normal.
Janurary: 164
February: 41
March: 26
April: 10

I'm so happy with my normal numbre 10!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

It's a Beautiful day to save lives

Writing this post at work, because well I'm bored and I have no draws. So good news I lost 6lbs since last week!! I'm not really sure how that happened, maybe from the depression I was having from this past week might have had something to do with it or maybe just the exercise, I'm not sure. This week I start my summer classes. I have astronomy and history. I'll continue to go to the gym 4 times a week, just not today, only Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday. I am now working Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday. I feel like I live at this place now. I wish I had more friends. Seems like the only places I ever go are work, school, gym and sometimes church. I need to get out more and meet new people. Because now I have no friends, or should I say close friends. The ones that you hang out with all the time, ahh I guess I have to set a new goal. I will get my blood checked in two weeks and other than that nothing much is happening. I'm excited to get on with the summer, hopefully relax in the sun by the pool. Also, I am excited for VBS starting in in June! I love crafts!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One more to go

I'm at 180lb now that means one more pound and I'll be out of the 80's!! The gym was really good today. I was surprised though my fasting blood sugar this morning was 121 and m ketones were .3  Hopefully I'll get into ketosis within the week.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The twins

The twins are getting bigger. Haha OK well obviously I don't have babies but I'm talking about my breasts. My workouts have been making them firm and plumper. I looked in the mirror the other day and was like "yes! you look good!" More workouts this week. Abs, Arms, Legs, Back. I am also starting to be working more at my current job. I'll be getting 12 extra hours a week. Yippee. I'll be busy this summer and I'm glad. School, work, vbs, can't wait and it all starts next week.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The good, the bad, and the ugly

It doesn't matter if it was a relationship or a friendship. When it ends your heart breaks. Last night was a difficult night and I ended up binging on chocolate chips which made my stomach upset and in the bathroom all night hurling my guts. I didn't go to bed till 4am and I woke up at 9am. I'm taking my mom out for her mothers day surprise and I need to pull myself together to be someone what normal. Every time I pull myself together I feel like a tear slipping. I keep trying to think: the reason why some people have turned against me and walked away from me without reason has nothing to do with me. It is because God has removed them from my life because they cannot go where he is taking me next. They would only hinder me at the next level because they have already served their purpose in my life. I need to let them go and keep moving. Greater is coming my way. I haven't got to the point where my soul is at peace yet. But I will eventually.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pizza to weight loss

So after all that pizza I ate and donuts and Mcflurry. I'm back on track. I weighed myself Monday morning with no weigh loss or weight gain. I weighed myself this morning (keep in mind I am doing a fat fast for 3 days today being the second day) and it said 181lb. I was that's not right, sometimes my scale tricks me so I do it 3 times and it was right! I'm so proud of myself it feels really good. I was disappointed at the end of April because my weight goal was 178 and I didn't make it to that. My end of the month weight was 183. But my end of the month goal for May is 174lb. I can do it!

I have summer classes starting May 16. My last two finals for my spring classes are tomorrow and Thursday. I'm getting As. I'm looking forward to summer classes and also I am going to be a craft teacher at my church for there VBS in June. I did it last year and loved it. So I signed up for this year. I'm so excited. I have my first meeting tonight. Were I get to listen and hear the new songs and learn the motions and find out what kind of crafts we are making. I'll be busy this summer and I'm glad. But I'll still have time to go to the beach and relax too. 

~ Kari


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

War between mind and heart

I have failed you guys. And I'm sorry. I am very disappointed in myself and don't know why I did it. I cheated on my diet today, with a donuts and a snack size Reese's Mcflurry. I was having this fight in my mind all morning to just go and eat it. 

Mind: "Don't do it. You want to loose weight not gain it."
Heart: "One day wouldn't hurt."
Mind: "Yes, it will! Your insulin is going to increase if you eat that."
Heart: "I'll just go to the gym afterwards."
Mind: "Your going to get sick and it's going to kick you out of ketosis."
Heart: "Oh well, I've been kicked out of ketosis before and it's not that hard to get back into."
Mind: "But you committed 9 months with no cheating to this diet. Just eat so sausage."
Heart: "No one is perfect!! Shut up Mind! I'm doing it!"

Anyway I'm guilty about it but I need not to dwell on it. I've done so well this far. Time to look past this and continue on the good progress. I just thought I should share with you guys because I am going to write the good and bad on this blog. This unfortunately was the bad, but hope there's is a lot more good to come. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Am I plus size?

I recently went to Rue 21 and tried on the plus size bathing suits. I tried this super cute one on that was 1x but it was too big. And they didn't have the same kind in extra large. I almost bought the 1x thinking I could sew it somehow when I got home. Do I consider myself plus size? Not really. I can't fit into my 13 size jeans yet but then the size 1x is too big. So what's it called when your between normal and plus size? Anyway here is the super cute bathing suit I almost bought. And I'm still thinking about going back and getting it even though it was super big in the bust and butt.

Workouts are going good. Keto is going good!
Till next time, Kari

Thursday, April 21, 2016

That's what friends are for

So this is awesome: my friend is going to try the diet for 3 days! We are going to do a cook session and then a gym session. I'm excited because now it wouldn't feel like I'm doing this alone. In three days she could get into ketosis and loose maybe up to 4 lbs, well see, maybe she would even want to continue past the three days ;) Haha no pressure. Tomorrow we are going to make strawberry and chocolate peanut butter fat bombs, avocado chicken salad (first attempt), and peanut butter fluff. All will take about 15 minutes. And then maybe after go to the gym and do an abs and back work out. If I go to the gym tomorrow it will been 4 days this week gone to the gym. Fitting the gym into my routine has been great. I always thought that going to the gym would be a pain but now I love it and look forward to it, and feel bummed when I can't go, but only sometimes.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello! So it's been officially 12 weeks on this diet and my current weight is 183lb. I did get to 181 a few weeks ago but I gained, I think from my new birth control I started. But currently at 183, my end of the month goal is 173 and it's almost the end of the month so I am thinking about doing another fat fast for 4 days. It helped last time make me drop 4lb so I think I'm going to start it on Thursday and finish it Sunday. A fat fast is eating 90-95% fat in a day. It's really not that difficult, mostly I ate a lot of macadamia nuts because 20 nuts is 200 cals and 20g of fat. I wish I had a partner doing this with me or a friend, it would be a lot easier to get motivated. I am still going to the gym 3x a week: arms, legs, back and abs workouts.

Feb 8,2016                                   April 18,2016
Weight: 200lb                                Weight: 183lb
Waist: 35.5 in                                 Waist: 33in
Stomach: 43in                                 Stomach: 40in
Hips: 44in                                       Hips: 42in
Bust: 41in                                       Bust: 38in

It's sad but my boobs got smaller. My pants feel better, there not falling off but I feel like they fit not squeezing me so tight like before. Still quite a long way to go. About 38 more pounds to go.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Intermittent Fasting

 (I have done research on this, talked to people that know about this, who have been practicing for over 15 years, This week I will begin this regimen on my keto diet.)

What is it? It's fasting bad? Why should we (I) do it? What are the benefits? I am going to answer all these questions today in this blog.

What is intermittent fast?
It's not a diet, it simply is a way of eating. IF doesn't change what you it eat it changes when you eat.

Why is it worthwhile?
It’s a great way to get lean without going on a crazy diet or cutting your calories down to nothing. Most people eat bigger meals during a shorter time frame. Intermittent fasting is a good way to keep muscle mass on while getting lean.

How does it work?
First need to understand the difference between the fed state and the fasted state.
(I did not write this next part: Written by James Clear)
To understand how intermittent fasting leads to fat loss we first need to understand the difference between the fed state and the fasted state. Your body is in the fed state when it is digesting and absorbing food.
Typically, the fed state starts when you begin eating and lasts for three to five hours as your body digests and absorbs the food you just ate. When you are in the fed state, it’s very hard for your body to burn fat because your insulin levels are high. After that time span, your body goes into what is known as the post–absorptive state, which is just a fancy way of saying that your body isn’t processing a meal. The post–absorptive state lasts until 8 to 12 hours after your last meal, which is when you enter the fasted state. It is much easier for you body to burn fat in the fasted state because your insulin levels are low. When you’re in the fasted state your body can burn fat that has been inaccessible during the fed state. Because we don’t enter the fasted state until 12 hours after our last meal, it’s rare that our bodies are in this fat burning state. This is one of the reasons why many people who start intermittent fasting will lose fat without changing what they eat, how much they eat, or how often they exercise. Fasting puts your body in a fat burning state that you rarely make it to during a normal eating schedule.
 ketone production by liver during fasting conditions aka ketosis

So what are the benefits?
1. Fat loss
2. Studies have shown it helps you live longer
3. Can reduce risk on cancer
4. Simpler
5.  Insulin resistance: Intermittent fasting can reduce insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar by 3-6% and fasting insulin levels by 20-31%. This should protect against type 2 diabetes.
6.  Some studies show reductions in markers of inflammation, a key driver of many chronic diseases. This is good because I have RSD (chronic pain).
7. Intermittent fasting may reduce LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers, blood sugar and insulin resistance. These are all risk factors for heart disease.
8.  Intermittent fasting increases a brain hormone called BDFN, and may aid the growth of new nerve cells. It may also protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

Types of IF:
-Daily Intermittent Fasting: 16 hour fast followed by a 8 hour feeding window. It doesn't matter what time you start, you can start eating at 8am-4pm of 12pm-8pm. (which is what I'm doing).
Leangains daily intermittent fasting

-Weekly IF: intermittent fasting one day a week or a few days a week.
-Alternative day fasting: intermittent fasting incorporates longer fasting periods on alternating days throughout the week.
So what happens to your body when your fasting? 
 Human Growth Hormone (HGH): The levels of growth hormone skyrocket, increasing as much as 5-fold. This has benefits for fat loss and muscle gain.
Insulin: Insulin sensitivity improves and levels of insulin drop dramatically. Lower insulin levels make stored body fat more accessible.
When you fast, human growth hormone levels go up and insulin levels go down. Your body’s cells also change the expression of genes and initiate important cellular repair processes.

Intermittent fasting may boost metabolism slightly, while helping you eat fewer calories. It is a very effective way to lose weight and belly fat.

Safety and side effects?
The most common side effect of intermittent fasting is hunger. People with certain medical conditions should not fast without consulting with a doctor first. There is nothing “dangerous” about not eating for a while if you are healthy and well nourished overall.

Fasting Questions:

Drinking on fasting?
water, tea and coffee is said to be extremely beneficial during the fast because it can blunt hunger.
Workout during a fast?
Will fasting slow down metabolism?
No. Studies show that short-term fasts actually boost metabolism. However, longer fasts (3 days or more) can suppress metabolism.

This will work well for me because I'm not someone who can eat a lot of meals in a day, mainly due to my Gastroparesis.

(Sources from: Intermittent fasting 101, intermittent fasting for beginners, James Clear)

Monday, April 11, 2016


not sure how that happened, maybe all the diet soda ive been drinking. i gained 7 pounds :(

Thursday, April 7, 2016


This might be a TMI blog but I said in the being that this was going to be a positive and negative blog with honest and real life stuff, so be it. Everybody poops so why should we be so ashamed to talk about it. Since I started the diet I haven't been normal with my bms. It's either I am super constipated, maybe because of all the fat I am consuming. Or I am either on the toilet all night, also may be because of all the MCT oil or coconut oil I am consuming. Either way I still have not found my sweet spot for my bms. :( I have been talking to my support group on Facebook about what to do and so far I have found a great solution. FIBER! Well it's hard to get fiber all that is needed, so the next best thing was fiber powder. Benifiber has worked miracles in just short of a week. I put it in my water or juice in the morning. It is tasteless and works perfect.   
   Also, I wanted to tell you all of these delicious muffins I have made. They are gluten free and  dairy free. They are considered protein muffins, but they are yummy and delicious! They have 4 eggs, 4 tbsp of (grass fed) butter which makes them have plenty of omega 3s. They have 1 cup of almond flour and 4 tbsp of coconut flour and a tbsp of baking powder, Combine them together and either add blueberries (which is did add to the first batch) or chocolate chips. I liked the chocolate chips better, I used dark chocolate but you could use anything. Also my chocolate chips were soy free, dairy free and only have 3g of sugar and 8g of carbs per cup (and I'm pretty sure I used less than a cup). Bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes and viola! I like to eat them when they are warm, and put butter on them. Yum! The mix makes 6 muffins. Try them and you'll like them!
  Me and my mom went to a restaurant last week that was celiac friendly. I asked the waitress what kind of flour they used and she said potato and rice flour, I got a little sad face because I can only have coconut or almond flour. I wish more places made things with coconut of almond flour. I had this genius idea to start a restaurant or cafe called The Keto Kitchen. We would serve regular food but we would also serve ketogenic food for people on this diet and use coconut flour and almond flour. Just a dream maybe...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yay! Insulin

I got my insulin results back today. For the month of March my insulin is 26.6 This is almost normal. Remember normal is 2-19. Last month it was 41 and my starting point it was 164. I am very happy that even though I may not be loosing so much weight but my numbers are going down and soon I wouldn't be pre-diabetic anymore! I will continue to get my insulin checked for the next 7 months. That's right only 7 months left of this diet. August 8, 2016 is my last day, however I will be doing a maintenance period after that date to manage all the weight that I have lost. So maybe by that time I can be a  more modified Atkins, not a so strict ketogenic. Which I am looking forward to eating pizza and Oreo's again. Also, right now I am not in ketosis. Sad face* I got food poisoning from something Monday and was puking a lot, not sure if this caused me to get out of ketosis or not but as of yesterday and today I have been trying to get back into it. I checked my ketones yesterday they were .2 and today they were .3 so making progress, ketosis is at least 1.5 but weight loss ketosis is 2.0

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


This is a rant of my thoughts:

Twenty pounds and I don't feel beautiful. After having dinner with a friend and taking a dinner photo I wanted to compare them to a previous picture taken 2 months ago of us both. Twenty pounds since then that I lost and I thought I'd feel better. But after seeing that picture my mind hasn't changed: I'm still not beautiful. I always knew I had a an obscure way of seeing myself. And after I lost the 20 I thought well my face looks better so the rest should...or something, I'm not sure. But after seeing that photo I'm not confident. Like knowing I lost 20lb made me confident like I can do this. I can loose 50lbs. But seeing that photo looks like 20lb is no weight and that makes me depressed. Because what if 50lb is my 20lbs? Then I'm gonna have to loose a lot more than 50lb? I can do it. I'm not saying I can't. It's just frustrating wanting to be small and wear a bikini and look good. It's like an ultimate dream I've always had was to be thin. I fallen into the worlds trap to want to be thin and thinking that the only beauty is, is being thin.

1 Peter 3:3-4
Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.  Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

Something I need to learn I guess....

Monday, March 28, 2016

Vacation is over

Vacation is over and it was too short. Seattle was beautiful. Now back to school. I'm kinda glad to get back to my routine though and hopefully going to be going to the gym 4 times a week now instead of 3. So it's close to two months on this diet and I am happy to report that I have met my end of the month weight! I have lost a total of 19lbs since February 8, 2016 and I am quite proud of that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It's been so long and I am very sorry about that. Just been busy. I have lost 4 pounds since last updated. That is 17lb in two months! In this rate I'll be to my goal in no time. I got a glucometer to check my ketones and fasting glucose. Fasting glucose under 100 is good. And ketones between 1.5-3 is considered good for fat burning, 2 is considered the sweet spot. Mine this morning was 1.8 It's just an easier way to make sure I am in ketosis. Also I decided that I am going to go to the gym 4 days a week instead of 3 to see if that makes a difference.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Long time

sorry it's been so long since I updated. I'm taking a trip to Seattle this weekend. I'm really excited! I hadn't checked the scale since Monday but yesterday I weighed myself at work yesterday and with my sweatshirt an shoes I weighed 188lb which is my normal weight. I weighed myself this morning and I'm 185lb!! Well off I go to Washington!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Great News!

Awesome News!! I got my insulin results back. I got checked in December my insulin was 164. After being on keto for a month I am now at 41! It's a huge jump. I'm still not in the normal range (2-19) but I will soon be there. No weight loss or gain yet either, but happy about these numbers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Starbucks on Keto

This morning I had a grande ice coffee with sugar free Carmel syrup with heavy whipping cream. I'm happy I can have some kind of normalcy on this diet. I feel like I'm doing a lot for nothing now. I'm not losing or gaining. I'm working hard at the gym. I just have to wait till my body adjusts I guess. Also I got aspartame free gym. That's nice cuz on keto you get stinky breath. Some people say it smells like alcoholic breath. I would have to carry tiny mouth wash things in my purse and car. But now I have gum it's nice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ketosis in a nutshell

Restrict carb intake
Guycogen runs out (stored in glucose muscles)
Body must use another fuel. FFA (Free Fatty Acids)
FFA broken down in the liver for energy
FFA oxidation
produces ketone bodies and produces energy
brain and nervous system and muslces
Ketone Adaption!
Muscle is spared/Fat is burned

Friday, March 4, 2016

Moon Cheese

I finally got my snacks! I'm going to Seattle in 2 weeks and got bought online snacky things I can eat on the plane. Moon cheese: a cheese puff made out of only cheese. Quest bars: protein bar 4 crabs. Pur gum: aspartame free gum and of coarse chocorite bars: chocolate bar with only 2g of carbs.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Soory about lack of updates. There's nothing really exciting happening anyway to report. I've been feeling sad today. My good friend Amelia Moore has passed and has gone to be with Jesus. I went to the gym to get out and not be alone but it hasn't helped. I just feel like sleeping. Please pray for her family as they are dealing with this now.

Love you Amelia.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leg Day

So I'm seeing a dietitian next Thursday, just so that I can clarify if I am eating the right about of protein, fat, and carbs (under 25 now). I woke up ache this morning, so I'm gonna eat a good breakfast before heading to the gym for leg day! This weekend I went to my parents for dinner. We had parmasian chicken (mayo and Parmesan cheese). It was nice to not have to cook for once. Also if I get lazy and don't want to cook I just go out and get a bun less burger or salad.

Monday, February 29, 2016


Week 4: It's week for and I still haven't lost any weight. However I have lost inches. Since last week I lost 2 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my stomach, about an inch off my legs and arms.And I have been noticing my scrub pants have been fitting better so that's a plus! Not much else to report.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Blood drawn

Today I woke up early to get my blood drawn. I'm in the chair now while I wait for them to figure out my paperwork. Always takes them a while. And then I'm gonna go to the gym. I had an egg wrap this mor I got for breakfast. I cut the avocado but it wasn't ripe yet. :( I still haven't lost or gained anything in a while. It's frustrating. But I'll keep working at it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016



End It!
Please look at this website and consider donating. There are 27 thousand slaves in slavery all around the world even in the US. I will be wearing a X on my hand to spread awareness. You should too!

Grocery shopping this morning and maybe making some food, and gym arm day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cutting the Fat

I decided today I would drastically cut my fat intake. From 135g to 50g. And maybe with this change I will be able to burn some of my stored fat! (loosing weight). I made a lovely sour homemade electrolyte drink. I has Himalayan salt, lemons, coconut water, and water. I just pour 4oz in a cup and then fill the rest with water. Coconut water has a lot of sugar and carbs so I can only do 4oz at a time.The gym was good yesterday however I got beat up and passed out into a long slumber when I got home. My kitchen is really bare right now and it'll stay that way till tomorrow when I can get to the store. I'm not even sure what to have for breakfast. All I have in there is a can of tuna, and a cucumber. Well see what concoction I can make with this. Also one of my friends wanted to see an updated picture of my progress. I only lost 12lb I really don't look different. Some say my face looks thinner but I don't see it yet. I did take pictures from day 1 and I will take them again in a month maybe less.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Two new things that are really awesome are Chocorite bars. They are milk chocolate bars that have 2 net carbs per bar. And they taste good not like Hershey but not fake either and they have truvia sugar in them. Perfect for a snack. Also I made this chocolate mouse that is amazing! Chocolate whey protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and coconut milk (from a can) whip it together and its a perfect treat. Today I'm going to do legs at the gym and power walk for 30 min. Even though cardio isn't good on this diet cardio is good for the heart so I'll do it for my heart. I booked my trip to Seattle to visit my brother next month. It is going to be difficult to eat there or find things to eat but I'm up for a challenge.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 3

I was disappointed when I weighed myself this morning and having it read 188. I haven't lost or gained a pound in a week. Maybe this is what my doctor was talking about when she said I would loose a couple of pounds and then stay steady for a few months while we wait for my insulin to drop. I go on Friday to get it checked. Ahhh well, loosing just makes me more motivated to keep on this diet. And it's funny I have been having these dreams lately that I eat a whole box of Oreo cookies and I get out of ketosis and have to start all over again. Or last night I had a dream that the class went on a field trip to CiCi's pizza and I ate pizza and got out of ketosis. I guess that is a sub-consistence fear I have, that I will go out of ketosis and then have to beginning at week 1 again. That's right there's no cheating on this diet. If you cheat essentially you go back to week one. And then there's the body aches, the vomiting, and the diarrhea all over again. I DO NOT want to go through that again! This morning I had a protein shake just because I have no eggs and I don't get paid till Thursday. I have $10 in my wallet if I want to go get a bun less burger or something. I've been craving pancakes, so this weekend i attempted twice and failed both times. Lately my recipes I've been trying have been failures. Guess I gotta keep trying. I started taking a probiotics. It helps so much with my gut problems. I wish I would've taken one sooner in my life because it really does help. Also, I take Vitamin D (My mom and I were talking and I said "I'm tired" and she said "you just need to go out in the sun for 15min" I told her "nope not anymore I'm taking Vitamin D now, I'll never have to go out in the sun again." She just laughed.) And I take a baby asprin (for clots). All in all with this new diet I have more energy so far, I'm sure in a few more months it will increase even more.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Girly Post look away if your a man.

Well my scale broke yesterday and I haven't weighed myself in two days, but I'm only suppose to weigh myself on Mondays so maybe it's a good thing. I had a very interesting conversation with a trainer yesterday at the gym. I was explaining ketosis to him and he thought he knew more than me because he was a trainer. He was like " ya I'm doing keto now I have 50g of carbs a day." I was like "ha, I have less than 20g a day, buddy." And before this whole keto conversation he was telling me he ate a whole pizza and had 3 glasses of wine. Ya, there's no was your in ketosis if you had pizza and wine. Red wine alone has 3g carbs per glass. On another note this may be kinda gross and girly, so if your a guy look away. I wasn't sure If I was going to post about this, because it's kinda of personal but I figured I would in case some other ketoers are going through something similar. So in January 26 I got my birth control shot. I get it every three months. No big deal right? Wrong. Week 2 into the diet I start bleeding, freaking out worried I go to the doctor and here is what she tells me: Estrogen is stored in fat cells and since I'm losing fat cells its causing the estrogen to be released hence the bleeding. Here's the other bad thing: The shot lasts 3 months, so as long as I'm in ketosis(fat burning zone) I'm going to be bleeding. That's right a 3 month period. The shot lasts til April 1. I was pretty depressed when I heard this. But I decided after April I'm going to go off the birth control completely. My doctor wanted me to start the mini pill but its going to have the same effect. It's good to have a rest from it anyway. The main reason I started it was difficult periods, but well have to see. So if I want to stay in ketosis (which I do) this is the result. :(

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The gym

I decided to post a second post today since I missed the other day. Let's talk about going to the gym and ketosis. I originally posted that I was going to go to the gym 3 times a week to do cardio and cardio only, however after I did some reading I found that cardio is not the best option for people/me on a keto diet. Here's why: Constant fat burning through ketosis, when your body is in ketosis (like mine) it is constantly burning fat for energy. The the fat that you take in and the fat that is stored. Energy is used up in activities you do through out the day, exercising, and everything you do. Even when your sleeping. Because of all of this fuel is coming from fat, you (me) don't need to exercise to burn it off and loose weight. Also, ketogenic diet curbs your (my) appetite, even though some people don't count calories (I do) you are naturally likely to eat a low calorie diet. This means that your calorie use every day is likely to exceed your calorie intake, even without burning through extra calories by exercising. If I was on a carbohydrate rich diet it takes around twenty minutes of cardio before I would begin to burn fat. On a low carbs diet I'm burning it from one minute. And because on a keto diet you only burn fat and it doesn't cause you to lose lean muscle like severe low calorie diet would. Once I complete the nine months the fat will be stripped off and the lean muscle will still be there. This means ketosis and exercise (weight lifting and light walking) used together will give me a better physique.


I've been so annoyed lately. When people ask about this diet they start saying how bad it is for me and that I should eat fruits and vegetables and that's healthy enough. I even had my Gyn doctor tell me to stop and eat normal. Here's the thing: I can't eat normal! My body is different and this (keto diet) is the only way my body can make energy! I just been getting so frustrating from people judging and I know this diet is controversial. But for me it works. The gym was great on Tuesday and I'm going again this morning. My scale broke this morning and I was quite mad, I have to buy a new one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Food in a Day

Today I decided to share what I typically eat in a day. This is not everyday because I like variety. But this is just an example.
Breakfast 8am: Bullet Proof Coffee (butter, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, and truvia), scrambles eggs with sausage and zucchini. However, today I might make almond pancakes (almond flour).
Lunch 11:30am: I'll either have chicken breast with a slice of cheese, or a hot dog with a slice of cheese or even a cucumber sub (hollowed out cucumber, chive cream cheese, slice of ham, squirt of mustard). I sometimes go to Chick-fil-a when I'm at school and order the chicken breast sandwich with cheese and then just eat the chicken breast no bun.
Snack: Strawberry cheesecake fat bombs are my absolute favorite snack. (a cup of strawberries, cream cheese, butter and truvia). also i might just have a tbsp of cream cheese with a cucumber or just on a spoon. Handful of nuts.
Dinner 5:30pm: burger with cheese no bun, or a lettuce wrap with ham and cheese and mayo or maybe chicken and broccoli.
What I drink: water, powerade zero ( everyone says its bad for you but its seriously the only way I can get my electrolytes in because water doesn't help alone.) flavored water.

Today I really am motivated to cook new recipes

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weigh Day

Today was weigh day and I and 188lb!!! That's 7 pounds in 7 days. If I keep this up I'll be by my goal in 2 months!! I am very proud of myself. Since I have been feeling better (meaning the muscle soreness) I decided to amp up this affect, I am going to try and go to the gym 3 times a week. Just cardio for now. Also on a side note I wouldn't be updating on weekends. Just because I work and those days are heck deck. Til next time.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Last night was difficult. I didn't get to sleep until 6am. I was jumping out of bed rushing to the bathroom all night. This is effects from the Keto Flu which is body aches, brain fog, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, sore muscles. This is because the body is ridding it self from the stored up glycogen giving the body a withdraw feeling. It's a good thing I didn't have to work today. One way to take care of the sore muscles in 10 minutes (which I did) is smash 5 pills of magnesium and 5 pills of potassium into hot bath water and then put Epsom salt in and take the bath, and in 10 minutes the soreness will be gone. Which really did work for me. I also realize how important water is and how much i need to be drinking it especially in this phrase of the diet.On another note I weighed my self to day (even though I'm not suppose to. ah i cant help it) but I'm 3 pounds down. My mind is so baffled right now! And there's no way its water weigh because i never fluctuate 5 pound difference. I am now 190lb. So crazy! I will do an official post about my weight loss on Mondays blog entry. But i was thinking water intake for me is so important, I need to drink half my body weight in ounces of water. But drinking enough water if good for anybody. You should drink some too! Most people think that when you drink alot of water you have to pee a lot that's true but its and adjustment period. Many people are walking around right now dehydrated and they don't even know it. after a week or so of drinking water (half your body weight in ounces) your body will be used to the increase in water intake and level off.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New discoveries

So this morning I wake up my muscles aching and I just feel weak all over. I know its the Keto flu which is flu like symptoms when your body is getting used to the diet. The cure: replace your electrolytes. But the thing is I can't drink Gatorade because of the sugar and coconut water had too many carbs and sugars. I can maybe drink 4 oz of coconut water a day, and that's not enough for a whole days worth. So water is my only other option. I have to drink half my body weight in oz and that is very difficult. But this morning I found out that I can drink Powerade Zero. I'm so happy because I don't want to feel dizzy when I go to the gym. Oh another this, in gym class yesterday we did planks. I was like wondering why my abs (lack of) where hurting because of those PLANKS! So today I went to the gym and I made 2 different fat bombs. I've been finding it hard to get all my fat in. Sounds easy to just eat fat but its quite hard when you can't eat donuts. lol. So i made lemon fat bombs and chocolate peanut butter fat bombs and there in the shape of a heart. I'm sure as I countinue of this diet I will discover more things I can have.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weight change already?

So I promised myself I wouldn't weigh myself everyday or at least weigh myself and record it. I was only going to weigh myself once a week. Every Monday. But today I was just curious. Usually I weigh myself with no clothes on that way it is super accurate but its cold today so that's not happening, (and I'm not even suppose to be checking lol). But I got on the scale and 193!! That's two pounds from 2 days ago. Well today is day 3 and i just woke up so im not sure if today is going to be difficult but i do know that last night i was craving sugar and I found a rescipe online to make chocolate peanut butter heart bombs. They are made with unsweetened peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa powder, I Realize that this is the closest I can get to a Reese cup.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Insulin to High

I decide to write a quick post this morning to get you up to speed on why am I am doing this diet. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me again my insulin level was 164. She will be checking it once a month to make sure I am making progress and the number is decreasing. I was excited to find out that people that start this diet loose weight fast right when they get into ketosis. Which I will talk more about ketosis later. But when I went to the doctor she says I am going to be pretty steady for a few month without loosing weight. Every month my insulin will be checked like I said but I wouldn't be in fat burning zone until I reach 9. I'm starting at 164. So she said its going to feel like a lot of work for nothing. Also she said day 3 and day 5 are going to be the hardest days of the diet. With the other tests she's done they have found that I have yeast in my colon. I am taking medication for that and she says once that goes away I wouldn't crave carbs. Let my write my macros out that I can have.

Start diet: February 8, 2016
Start weight: 200lb
Calories: 1,629
Carbs (net): <28g
Fats: 135g
Protein: 73g
Water: 100oz

In about a month if i loose any I will have to recalculate these to make sure I am on target. OK, now let me talk about ketosis real quick. So what is ketosis? Your body's second preferred source of energy is fat; when carbohydrates are not easily accessible, your body turns to fats to get the energy it needs. When this happens, the liver breaks down fat into fatty acids and then breaks down these fatty acids into an energy rich substance called ketones or ketone bodies. The presence of ketones bodies in the blood is called ketosis. The goal of a ketogenic diet is to kick your body into long term ketosis, essentially turning it into a fat burning machine. It takes about 2-7 days to get into ketosis.

It's going to be difficult but I done hard stuff before. I just need to stay positive.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog, hopefully a more positive blog! This blog is mainly going to be a way to keep track of my progress with this new diet I started today: the Ketogenic Diet (keto). I will commit to this diet 100% with no cheating for 9 months. I hope to post more in the up coming months hopefully some positive news. I goal is to loose weight in order to reverse my prediabetic state which I got because I am insulin resistant. Doing this diet I hope to retrain my body to use insulin the proper way. I will be under full supervision of my doctor, so no need to worry about the kidneys. More to come thanks for reading.
- Kari