Monday, February 29, 2016


Week 4: It's week for and I still haven't lost any weight. However I have lost inches. Since last week I lost 2 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my stomach, about an inch off my legs and arms.And I have been noticing my scrub pants have been fitting better so that's a plus! Not much else to report.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Blood drawn

Today I woke up early to get my blood drawn. I'm in the chair now while I wait for them to figure out my paperwork. Always takes them a while. And then I'm gonna go to the gym. I had an egg wrap this mor I got for breakfast. I cut the avocado but it wasn't ripe yet. :( I still haven't lost or gained anything in a while. It's frustrating. But I'll keep working at it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016



End It!
Please look at this website and consider donating. There are 27 thousand slaves in slavery all around the world even in the US. I will be wearing a X on my hand to spread awareness. You should too!

Grocery shopping this morning and maybe making some food, and gym arm day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cutting the Fat

I decided today I would drastically cut my fat intake. From 135g to 50g. And maybe with this change I will be able to burn some of my stored fat! (loosing weight). I made a lovely sour homemade electrolyte drink. I has Himalayan salt, lemons, coconut water, and water. I just pour 4oz in a cup and then fill the rest with water. Coconut water has a lot of sugar and carbs so I can only do 4oz at a time.The gym was good yesterday however I got beat up and passed out into a long slumber when I got home. My kitchen is really bare right now and it'll stay that way till tomorrow when I can get to the store. I'm not even sure what to have for breakfast. All I have in there is a can of tuna, and a cucumber. Well see what concoction I can make with this. Also one of my friends wanted to see an updated picture of my progress. I only lost 12lb I really don't look different. Some say my face looks thinner but I don't see it yet. I did take pictures from day 1 and I will take them again in a month maybe less.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Two new things that are really awesome are Chocorite bars. They are milk chocolate bars that have 2 net carbs per bar. And they taste good not like Hershey but not fake either and they have truvia sugar in them. Perfect for a snack. Also I made this chocolate mouse that is amazing! Chocolate whey protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder and coconut milk (from a can) whip it together and its a perfect treat. Today I'm going to do legs at the gym and power walk for 30 min. Even though cardio isn't good on this diet cardio is good for the heart so I'll do it for my heart. I booked my trip to Seattle to visit my brother next month. It is going to be difficult to eat there or find things to eat but I'm up for a challenge.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 3

I was disappointed when I weighed myself this morning and having it read 188. I haven't lost or gained a pound in a week. Maybe this is what my doctor was talking about when she said I would loose a couple of pounds and then stay steady for a few months while we wait for my insulin to drop. I go on Friday to get it checked. Ahhh well, loosing just makes me more motivated to keep on this diet. And it's funny I have been having these dreams lately that I eat a whole box of Oreo cookies and I get out of ketosis and have to start all over again. Or last night I had a dream that the class went on a field trip to CiCi's pizza and I ate pizza and got out of ketosis. I guess that is a sub-consistence fear I have, that I will go out of ketosis and then have to beginning at week 1 again. That's right there's no cheating on this diet. If you cheat essentially you go back to week one. And then there's the body aches, the vomiting, and the diarrhea all over again. I DO NOT want to go through that again! This morning I had a protein shake just because I have no eggs and I don't get paid till Thursday. I have $10 in my wallet if I want to go get a bun less burger or something. I've been craving pancakes, so this weekend i attempted twice and failed both times. Lately my recipes I've been trying have been failures. Guess I gotta keep trying. I started taking a probiotics. It helps so much with my gut problems. I wish I would've taken one sooner in my life because it really does help. Also, I take Vitamin D (My mom and I were talking and I said "I'm tired" and she said "you just need to go out in the sun for 15min" I told her "nope not anymore I'm taking Vitamin D now, I'll never have to go out in the sun again." She just laughed.) And I take a baby asprin (for clots). All in all with this new diet I have more energy so far, I'm sure in a few more months it will increase even more.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Girly Post look away if your a man.

Well my scale broke yesterday and I haven't weighed myself in two days, but I'm only suppose to weigh myself on Mondays so maybe it's a good thing. I had a very interesting conversation with a trainer yesterday at the gym. I was explaining ketosis to him and he thought he knew more than me because he was a trainer. He was like " ya I'm doing keto now I have 50g of carbs a day." I was like "ha, I have less than 20g a day, buddy." And before this whole keto conversation he was telling me he ate a whole pizza and had 3 glasses of wine. Ya, there's no was your in ketosis if you had pizza and wine. Red wine alone has 3g carbs per glass. On another note this may be kinda gross and girly, so if your a guy look away. I wasn't sure If I was going to post about this, because it's kinda of personal but I figured I would in case some other ketoers are going through something similar. So in January 26 I got my birth control shot. I get it every three months. No big deal right? Wrong. Week 2 into the diet I start bleeding, freaking out worried I go to the doctor and here is what she tells me: Estrogen is stored in fat cells and since I'm losing fat cells its causing the estrogen to be released hence the bleeding. Here's the other bad thing: The shot lasts 3 months, so as long as I'm in ketosis(fat burning zone) I'm going to be bleeding. That's right a 3 month period. The shot lasts til April 1. I was pretty depressed when I heard this. But I decided after April I'm going to go off the birth control completely. My doctor wanted me to start the mini pill but its going to have the same effect. It's good to have a rest from it anyway. The main reason I started it was difficult periods, but well have to see. So if I want to stay in ketosis (which I do) this is the result. :(

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The gym

I decided to post a second post today since I missed the other day. Let's talk about going to the gym and ketosis. I originally posted that I was going to go to the gym 3 times a week to do cardio and cardio only, however after I did some reading I found that cardio is not the best option for people/me on a keto diet. Here's why: Constant fat burning through ketosis, when your body is in ketosis (like mine) it is constantly burning fat for energy. The the fat that you take in and the fat that is stored. Energy is used up in activities you do through out the day, exercising, and everything you do. Even when your sleeping. Because of all of this fuel is coming from fat, you (me) don't need to exercise to burn it off and loose weight. Also, ketogenic diet curbs your (my) appetite, even though some people don't count calories (I do) you are naturally likely to eat a low calorie diet. This means that your calorie use every day is likely to exceed your calorie intake, even without burning through extra calories by exercising. If I was on a carbohydrate rich diet it takes around twenty minutes of cardio before I would begin to burn fat. On a low carbs diet I'm burning it from one minute. And because on a keto diet you only burn fat and it doesn't cause you to lose lean muscle like severe low calorie diet would. Once I complete the nine months the fat will be stripped off and the lean muscle will still be there. This means ketosis and exercise (weight lifting and light walking) used together will give me a better physique.


I've been so annoyed lately. When people ask about this diet they start saying how bad it is for me and that I should eat fruits and vegetables and that's healthy enough. I even had my Gyn doctor tell me to stop and eat normal. Here's the thing: I can't eat normal! My body is different and this (keto diet) is the only way my body can make energy! I just been getting so frustrating from people judging and I know this diet is controversial. But for me it works. The gym was great on Tuesday and I'm going again this morning. My scale broke this morning and I was quite mad, I have to buy a new one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Food in a Day

Today I decided to share what I typically eat in a day. This is not everyday because I like variety. But this is just an example.
Breakfast 8am: Bullet Proof Coffee (butter, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, and truvia), scrambles eggs with sausage and zucchini. However, today I might make almond pancakes (almond flour).
Lunch 11:30am: I'll either have chicken breast with a slice of cheese, or a hot dog with a slice of cheese or even a cucumber sub (hollowed out cucumber, chive cream cheese, slice of ham, squirt of mustard). I sometimes go to Chick-fil-a when I'm at school and order the chicken breast sandwich with cheese and then just eat the chicken breast no bun.
Snack: Strawberry cheesecake fat bombs are my absolute favorite snack. (a cup of strawberries, cream cheese, butter and truvia). also i might just have a tbsp of cream cheese with a cucumber or just on a spoon. Handful of nuts.
Dinner 5:30pm: burger with cheese no bun, or a lettuce wrap with ham and cheese and mayo or maybe chicken and broccoli.
What I drink: water, powerade zero ( everyone says its bad for you but its seriously the only way I can get my electrolytes in because water doesn't help alone.) flavored water.

Today I really am motivated to cook new recipes

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weigh Day

Today was weigh day and I and 188lb!!! That's 7 pounds in 7 days. If I keep this up I'll be by my goal in 2 months!! I am very proud of myself. Since I have been feeling better (meaning the muscle soreness) I decided to amp up this affect, I am going to try and go to the gym 3 times a week. Just cardio for now. Also on a side note I wouldn't be updating on weekends. Just because I work and those days are heck deck. Til next time.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Last night was difficult. I didn't get to sleep until 6am. I was jumping out of bed rushing to the bathroom all night. This is effects from the Keto Flu which is body aches, brain fog, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, sore muscles. This is because the body is ridding it self from the stored up glycogen giving the body a withdraw feeling. It's a good thing I didn't have to work today. One way to take care of the sore muscles in 10 minutes (which I did) is smash 5 pills of magnesium and 5 pills of potassium into hot bath water and then put Epsom salt in and take the bath, and in 10 minutes the soreness will be gone. Which really did work for me. I also realize how important water is and how much i need to be drinking it especially in this phrase of the diet.On another note I weighed my self to day (even though I'm not suppose to. ah i cant help it) but I'm 3 pounds down. My mind is so baffled right now! And there's no way its water weigh because i never fluctuate 5 pound difference. I am now 190lb. So crazy! I will do an official post about my weight loss on Mondays blog entry. But i was thinking water intake for me is so important, I need to drink half my body weight in ounces of water. But drinking enough water if good for anybody. You should drink some too! Most people think that when you drink alot of water you have to pee a lot that's true but its and adjustment period. Many people are walking around right now dehydrated and they don't even know it. after a week or so of drinking water (half your body weight in ounces) your body will be used to the increase in water intake and level off.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New discoveries

So this morning I wake up my muscles aching and I just feel weak all over. I know its the Keto flu which is flu like symptoms when your body is getting used to the diet. The cure: replace your electrolytes. But the thing is I can't drink Gatorade because of the sugar and coconut water had too many carbs and sugars. I can maybe drink 4 oz of coconut water a day, and that's not enough for a whole days worth. So water is my only other option. I have to drink half my body weight in oz and that is very difficult. But this morning I found out that I can drink Powerade Zero. I'm so happy because I don't want to feel dizzy when I go to the gym. Oh another this, in gym class yesterday we did planks. I was like wondering why my abs (lack of) where hurting because of those PLANKS! So today I went to the gym and I made 2 different fat bombs. I've been finding it hard to get all my fat in. Sounds easy to just eat fat but its quite hard when you can't eat donuts. lol. So i made lemon fat bombs and chocolate peanut butter fat bombs and there in the shape of a heart. I'm sure as I countinue of this diet I will discover more things I can have.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weight change already?

So I promised myself I wouldn't weigh myself everyday or at least weigh myself and record it. I was only going to weigh myself once a week. Every Monday. But today I was just curious. Usually I weigh myself with no clothes on that way it is super accurate but its cold today so that's not happening, (and I'm not even suppose to be checking lol). But I got on the scale and 193!! That's two pounds from 2 days ago. Well today is day 3 and i just woke up so im not sure if today is going to be difficult but i do know that last night i was craving sugar and I found a rescipe online to make chocolate peanut butter heart bombs. They are made with unsweetened peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa powder, I Realize that this is the closest I can get to a Reese cup.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Insulin to High

I decide to write a quick post this morning to get you up to speed on why am I am doing this diet. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me again my insulin level was 164. She will be checking it once a month to make sure I am making progress and the number is decreasing. I was excited to find out that people that start this diet loose weight fast right when they get into ketosis. Which I will talk more about ketosis later. But when I went to the doctor she says I am going to be pretty steady for a few month without loosing weight. Every month my insulin will be checked like I said but I wouldn't be in fat burning zone until I reach 9. I'm starting at 164. So she said its going to feel like a lot of work for nothing. Also she said day 3 and day 5 are going to be the hardest days of the diet. With the other tests she's done they have found that I have yeast in my colon. I am taking medication for that and she says once that goes away I wouldn't crave carbs. Let my write my macros out that I can have.

Start diet: February 8, 2016
Start weight: 200lb
Calories: 1,629
Carbs (net): <28g
Fats: 135g
Protein: 73g
Water: 100oz

In about a month if i loose any I will have to recalculate these to make sure I am on target. OK, now let me talk about ketosis real quick. So what is ketosis? Your body's second preferred source of energy is fat; when carbohydrates are not easily accessible, your body turns to fats to get the energy it needs. When this happens, the liver breaks down fat into fatty acids and then breaks down these fatty acids into an energy rich substance called ketones or ketone bodies. The presence of ketones bodies in the blood is called ketosis. The goal of a ketogenic diet is to kick your body into long term ketosis, essentially turning it into a fat burning machine. It takes about 2-7 days to get into ketosis.

It's going to be difficult but I done hard stuff before. I just need to stay positive.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to my blog, hopefully a more positive blog! This blog is mainly going to be a way to keep track of my progress with this new diet I started today: the Ketogenic Diet (keto). I will commit to this diet 100% with no cheating for 9 months. I hope to post more in the up coming months hopefully some positive news. I goal is to loose weight in order to reverse my prediabetic state which I got because I am insulin resistant. Doing this diet I hope to retrain my body to use insulin the proper way. I will be under full supervision of my doctor, so no need to worry about the kidneys. More to come thanks for reading.
- Kari