Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sugar Intolerance and Supplements

So I recently got a question about what kind of supplements I take. Because I still have Gastroparesis my stomach can't handle many supplement at one time, so I take them throughout the day. In the mornings I take Vitamin D (because I seem to always be low on vitamin D) and a multivitamin that has potassium and magnesium in it. Then later in the day I will take my probiotic pill (because I hate yogurt and can't eat it anyway, I have no good bacteria in my gut.) and I will also take my baby aspirin which is not a supplement but it required so that I don't get blood clots, (I have a genetic condition called Factor V, which allows my body to get blood clots abnormally.)

What is sugar intolerance? Many people think sugar intolerance has to do with diabetes. Yes and no. For me sugar intolerance means that my body can't process natural sugars and pure sugars the correct way. I became extremely hyperglycemic when I just eat a handful of carrots or a handful of raspberries (which I cut out of my diet). I consider under 100 blood sugar to be stable blood glucose level for me. This morning it was 96. And I'm happy with that number.


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