Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beautiful Things

Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things.

This is defiantly what I needed in my life right now, I didn't realize it but certain people where making my life difficult to handle and stressful. I said before I would be at peace with what was happening eventually, well that eventually has finally happened. I am still sad I lost a good friend however, it's for the best for me and that person. I'm happy and looking forward to see my life heading in the right direction.

As for keto, I mentioned I was depressed about continuing on this diet. I am at 30 weeks and only have 10 weeks left to go. I decided that I would finish till when I said August 8, and then I will decide what to do after that. It really doesn't make sense to not continue on keto, its only way my body can actually function. I found out I am sugar intolerant. My insulin is at normal levels Although, whenever I eat something like fruit or carrots or something naturally sweet my sugar sky rockets. I like to keep my glucose under 100. When it goes above 100 I start to feel groggy, dizzy, fatigue, and just all over sick. I am going to attach a picture here of the Keto food pyramid:
As you can see berries, nuts, and seeds are at the very top. Then just below that is dairy-cheeses, creams. Next under that is Veggies in low carbs. Under that non-starchy veggies. And then on the left side herbs and spices, and healthy fats and oils. On the right side lean meats and fish, and fatty fish, meats, and eggs. It's a lot different from the normal food pyramid.

 I was telling someone at school today about the diet. I told her there are two ways we as human burn to get energy for the body, one way is with carbs the other is with fat. So when I tell people I live off of bacon, it's the truth. Bacon is literally giving me my energy throughout my day. Something odd thing I found out today is that if you blender a cucumber and add stevia (and I added ice) it tastes like watermelon. I can't eat watermelon (one of my favorite fruits) because it's mostly sugar and water. But with this little trick I can trick my taste buds to think I am eating watermelon.

Have a blessed week.


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