Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pizza to weight loss

So after all that pizza I ate and donuts and Mcflurry. I'm back on track. I weighed myself Monday morning with no weigh loss or weight gain. I weighed myself this morning (keep in mind I am doing a fat fast for 3 days today being the second day) and it said 181lb. I was that's not right, sometimes my scale tricks me so I do it 3 times and it was right! I'm so proud of myself it feels really good. I was disappointed at the end of April because my weight goal was 178 and I didn't make it to that. My end of the month weight was 183. But my end of the month goal for May is 174lb. I can do it!

I have summer classes starting May 16. My last two finals for my spring classes are tomorrow and Thursday. I'm getting As. I'm looking forward to summer classes and also I am going to be a craft teacher at my church for there VBS in June. I did it last year and loved it. So I signed up for this year. I'm so excited. I have my first meeting tonight. Were I get to listen and hear the new songs and learn the motions and find out what kind of crafts we are making. I'll be busy this summer and I'm glad. But I'll still have time to go to the beach and relax too. 

~ Kari


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