Friday, July 22, 2016


So today I started working out with my Trainor. I will officially start on August 1. Three times a week for 12 weeks. He claims I'll be at my goal weight 145 by then. Also I am going to continue keto but do something called Targeted Ketogenic Diet. It's were you eat carbs 25-50g before your workout and only on the days you work out. That way your only out of ketosis during your workout and you can build muscle and have energy for the intense workouts I will be doing. I did like 100 squats today and 50 bicep curls and my arms and legs are burning. I discovered back muscles that I didn't even k ow I had. I'm really excited to start this new journey in my life.

On Monday I am teaching my first therapy class at the retirement home solo. They director is going on vacation and is leaving me in charge of running the activities department (basically what I'm going to school for.) so that's exciting.

My friend is traveling from Texas to Florida to spend a few days with me Tuesday through Friday. Although I still have my normal activities planned I plan on having fun with her and having a mini vacation.

It's not always easy but it is worth it.


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