Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Eating Disorder?

While talking to the manager at my gym (who has a degree in exercise and psychology), I mention how when I think about carbs or think about eating them I get anxiety. He says to me " Kari, that could be means of an eating disorder." No! Why would that be means of an eating disorder? To me carbs are poison. The body does NOT need carbs to survive. And my body takes carbs and turns it into a negative making me sick and feeling awful. The Ketogenic diet is my savior in a way. Before the diet my life was miserable. I had to sleep all the time. I couldn't function. If I ate too much sugar I could not get through the day like normal people. Being afraid of something that makes you so sick and debilitating does not count for an eating disorder.

On Monday I started my HIIT and "new" diet. So I was going to start the targeted ketogenic diet, which is where you eat a high carb meal before you work out. I did that on Monday. Well my trainer decided that he was going to give me me a new food plan that consisted of broccoli, chicken and protein shakes for 10 days. I immediately told him that I was frustrated with the plan because when I signed up with him he said he was going to work with MY diet and now he is changing it? So you could see, I was very pissed off. After telling him that this diet has changed my life and my health and him still not believing me I figured I bring my mom in to help support me (cause then again she is paying for the sessions.) My support group told me that I shouldn't waste my time explaining Keto to him, but I really do like working with the trainers and I wanted to give it one last try before giving up (quitting and getting a refund.) So Yesterday morning me and my mom went into his office and spent and hour with him. I honestly didn't think it was going to go well. I expected us to leave, canceling the membership, which I didn't want. He turned out saying that he wanted what was best for me, wanted me to be happy, and if being on Keto makes me happy than he was all for it. However, He did tell me that he did not want me to eat saturated fats. At first I did not like this idea, all my cream, butter, and cheese would be taken away. But now thinking on it, I should be ok. Yesterday was rough but I will manage. I am still doing 5% carbs, 15% protein and 80% fats.

What is a weight loss party? So people keep asking me what a weight loss party is. I am having a party at Cici's pizza on August 8, 2016, for the celebration of loosing 30lb. I have not decided myself, if I'm going to be having a cheat day or not. But come to cici's at 6pm in Melbourne and celebrate my success with pizza!

All in all, I will continue keto with no dairy for the next 12 weeks. The exercise is going good, (3 times a week of High Intensity Interval Training) strength training. Hopefully by the end I'll be toned and fit.


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  1. I am so tired of my fellow women whining about how fat they are. They don't understand that we need to be 10-15% fat just to be healthy. We are different than boys. Get over it. I do not know if it is the obsession with the movie makers in Hollywood who ignore basic biology, or what, but that is what makes me sick.

    Margaretta Cloutier @ Aspire Wellness Center