Wednesday, April 27, 2016

War between mind and heart

I have failed you guys. And I'm sorry. I am very disappointed in myself and don't know why I did it. I cheated on my diet today, with a donuts and a snack size Reese's Mcflurry. I was having this fight in my mind all morning to just go and eat it. 

Mind: "Don't do it. You want to loose weight not gain it."
Heart: "One day wouldn't hurt."
Mind: "Yes, it will! Your insulin is going to increase if you eat that."
Heart: "I'll just go to the gym afterwards."
Mind: "Your going to get sick and it's going to kick you out of ketosis."
Heart: "Oh well, I've been kicked out of ketosis before and it's not that hard to get back into."
Mind: "But you committed 9 months with no cheating to this diet. Just eat so sausage."
Heart: "No one is perfect!! Shut up Mind! I'm doing it!"

Anyway I'm guilty about it but I need not to dwell on it. I've done so well this far. Time to look past this and continue on the good progress. I just thought I should share with you guys because I am going to write the good and bad on this blog. This unfortunately was the bad, but hope there's is a lot more good to come. 

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