Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello! So it's been officially 12 weeks on this diet and my current weight is 183lb. I did get to 181 a few weeks ago but I gained, I think from my new birth control I started. But currently at 183, my end of the month goal is 173 and it's almost the end of the month so I am thinking about doing another fat fast for 4 days. It helped last time make me drop 4lb so I think I'm going to start it on Thursday and finish it Sunday. A fat fast is eating 90-95% fat in a day. It's really not that difficult, mostly I ate a lot of macadamia nuts because 20 nuts is 200 cals and 20g of fat. I wish I had a partner doing this with me or a friend, it would be a lot easier to get motivated. I am still going to the gym 3x a week: arms, legs, back and abs workouts.

Feb 8,2016                                   April 18,2016
Weight: 200lb                                Weight: 183lb
Waist: 35.5 in                                 Waist: 33in
Stomach: 43in                                 Stomach: 40in
Hips: 44in                                       Hips: 42in
Bust: 41in                                       Bust: 38in

It's sad but my boobs got smaller. My pants feel better, there not falling off but I feel like they fit not squeezing me so tight like before. Still quite a long way to go. About 38 more pounds to go.

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