Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yay! Insulin

I got my insulin results back today. For the month of March my insulin is 26.6 This is almost normal. Remember normal is 2-19. Last month it was 41 and my starting point it was 164. I am very happy that even though I may not be loosing so much weight but my numbers are going down and soon I wouldn't be pre-diabetic anymore! I will continue to get my insulin checked for the next 7 months. That's right only 7 months left of this diet. August 8, 2016 is my last day, however I will be doing a maintenance period after that date to manage all the weight that I have lost. So maybe by that time I can be a  more modified Atkins, not a so strict ketogenic. Which I am looking forward to eating pizza and Oreo's again. Also, right now I am not in ketosis. Sad face* I got food poisoning from something Monday and was puking a lot, not sure if this caused me to get out of ketosis or not but as of yesterday and today I have been trying to get back into it. I checked my ketones yesterday they were .2 and today they were .3 so making progress, ketosis is at least 1.5 but weight loss ketosis is 2.0

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