Thursday, April 7, 2016


This might be a TMI blog but I said in the being that this was going to be a positive and negative blog with honest and real life stuff, so be it. Everybody poops so why should we be so ashamed to talk about it. Since I started the diet I haven't been normal with my bms. It's either I am super constipated, maybe because of all the fat I am consuming. Or I am either on the toilet all night, also may be because of all the MCT oil or coconut oil I am consuming. Either way I still have not found my sweet spot for my bms. :( I have been talking to my support group on Facebook about what to do and so far I have found a great solution. FIBER! Well it's hard to get fiber all that is needed, so the next best thing was fiber powder. Benifiber has worked miracles in just short of a week. I put it in my water or juice in the morning. It is tasteless and works perfect.   
   Also, I wanted to tell you all of these delicious muffins I have made. They are gluten free and  dairy free. They are considered protein muffins, but they are yummy and delicious! They have 4 eggs, 4 tbsp of (grass fed) butter which makes them have plenty of omega 3s. They have 1 cup of almond flour and 4 tbsp of coconut flour and a tbsp of baking powder, Combine them together and either add blueberries (which is did add to the first batch) or chocolate chips. I liked the chocolate chips better, I used dark chocolate but you could use anything. Also my chocolate chips were soy free, dairy free and only have 3g of sugar and 8g of carbs per cup (and I'm pretty sure I used less than a cup). Bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes and viola! I like to eat them when they are warm, and put butter on them. Yum! The mix makes 6 muffins. Try them and you'll like them!
  Me and my mom went to a restaurant last week that was celiac friendly. I asked the waitress what kind of flour they used and she said potato and rice flour, I got a little sad face because I can only have coconut or almond flour. I wish more places made things with coconut of almond flour. I had this genius idea to start a restaurant or cafe called The Keto Kitchen. We would serve regular food but we would also serve ketogenic food for people on this diet and use coconut flour and almond flour. Just a dream maybe...

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