Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Grocery Haul

I have a few friends that have been interested in keto and what to know more. So this is a post about what to buy at the grocery store.

Avocados (I love these and they are so good for you)
Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Garlic, Green beans, Mushrooms, Onion, Green Bell pepper (red and yellow bell pepper have higher sugar contents so they are higher in carbs), pickles, romaine lettuce, snow peas, spinach (one of my favorites), all types of squash, and zucchini, lime and lemons,

The veggies  and fruits that you should have in moderation include carrots, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, red and yellow bell peppers, and berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries). When I say moderation I mean not everyday. Since my insulin is so sensitive I only will do it once a month but someone who is less strict on themselves I would say once a week.

Oils, Butters:
Olive oil, coconut oil (this will be your friend on the diet, I promise), coconut butter (which is dairy free), red palm oil, peanut butter, mayonnaise (watch out for added carbs), beef tallow, Ghee

Fish, Shellfish, Whole eggs, meat (beef, veal, goat, wild game, grass-fed is better), pork (loin, pork chops, ham, watch out of added sugar in hams), poultry, bacon and sausage (watch out for added sugars in bacon and sausage), Peanut butter (go for natural)

Heavy cream (when I was eating dairy I love love heavy cream in my coffee!), Hard and soft cheeses, Sour cream, Cottage cheese

Nuts and seeds:
Macadamia nuts (LOVE these, they are a perfect fat snack!), walnuts, and almonds, cashews, pistachios

Almond flour, flax seed, coconut flour

Moderation Flour: tapioca flour

water!, coffee, tea, crystal light made with stevia, almond milk, coconut milk, coke zero (if it agrees with you, I like to stay away from aspartame and splenda but if it works for you so be it), broths (bone or chicken or vegetarian, its important to keep your salt up!), Zevia.
Diet soda in moderation. Diet soda can lead to sugar cravings so watch out!

 Stevia!, Sucrolose, Erthritol, Xylitol, monk fruit, agave nectar (use with caution)

sea salt, black pepper, basil, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cilantro, cinnamon, cumin, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, turmeric

Watch out for some medicine can have carbs in them.

Some other foods you can have are:
pork rinds, whey proteins powders, pumpkin, sugar free jello, sauerkraut, dark chocolate 85%

If I forgot something I will place a link here where you can read more foods that you can eat and which ones you should avoid: foods I missed.

When starting the Ketogenic Diet I suggest getting the app myfitnesspal. This app will help you with setting your macros, calories, and tracking your food through out the day. For the first few months of the diet I would say use the app to help you track yourself, If later you feel more confident you don't have to track, but I'd say track it with the app for the first 3 months of the diet.

Next time I will talk about recipes and what to make for lunches, until next time...

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