Sunday, August 14, 2016

Size 11

Today was my day off and I spent most of the day destroying my closet and trying my clothes on (the ones that never fit) and to my surprise these pants that I have in pink and blue fit! They are size 11. The last time I wore them was 3 years ago when I was at this same weight but I didn't get there in a healthy way, I got that way from depression and not eating, not healthy at all. But now I am healthier than ever! Thanks to keto. I am continuing my training, my trainer suggested yoga since my muscles are so tight, so this week I am going to try yoga with the trainer. I got a little bit of yoga when I was with the girl trainer and I liked it so I am excited to try it. If I like it I will do it every Friday.

So I recently updated my Facebook saying that I got a job. Unfortunately that job did not work out however I have just accepted another job this Friday with a local hospital-outpatient. I will continue to work at my current job too. I will be doing both jobs and going to school full time and training. I am excited to start school again, as tomorrow will be my first day of classes. I have also decided to change my field that I will go into. I have decided to go to school for Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant. I am still excited about it as I will still be able to be really creative in that field and there are more jobs available. I am hoping to get a job in a children's hospital would be my dream.

Here is a picture of my February 2016 body to my August 2016 body:

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