Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 3

I was disappointed when I weighed myself this morning and having it read 188. I haven't lost or gained a pound in a week. Maybe this is what my doctor was talking about when she said I would loose a couple of pounds and then stay steady for a few months while we wait for my insulin to drop. I go on Friday to get it checked. Ahhh well, loosing just makes me more motivated to keep on this diet. And it's funny I have been having these dreams lately that I eat a whole box of Oreo cookies and I get out of ketosis and have to start all over again. Or last night I had a dream that the class went on a field trip to CiCi's pizza and I ate pizza and got out of ketosis. I guess that is a sub-consistence fear I have, that I will go out of ketosis and then have to beginning at week 1 again. That's right there's no cheating on this diet. If you cheat essentially you go back to week one. And then there's the body aches, the vomiting, and the diarrhea all over again. I DO NOT want to go through that again! This morning I had a protein shake just because I have no eggs and I don't get paid till Thursday. I have $10 in my wallet if I want to go get a bun less burger or something. I've been craving pancakes, so this weekend i attempted twice and failed both times. Lately my recipes I've been trying have been failures. Guess I gotta keep trying. I started taking a probiotics. It helps so much with my gut problems. I wish I would've taken one sooner in my life because it really does help. Also, I take Vitamin D (My mom and I were talking and I said "I'm tired" and she said "you just need to go out in the sun for 15min" I told her "nope not anymore I'm taking Vitamin D now, I'll never have to go out in the sun again." She just laughed.) And I take a baby asprin (for clots). All in all with this new diet I have more energy so far, I'm sure in a few more months it will increase even more.

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