Friday, February 19, 2016

Girly Post look away if your a man.

Well my scale broke yesterday and I haven't weighed myself in two days, but I'm only suppose to weigh myself on Mondays so maybe it's a good thing. I had a very interesting conversation with a trainer yesterday at the gym. I was explaining ketosis to him and he thought he knew more than me because he was a trainer. He was like " ya I'm doing keto now I have 50g of carbs a day." I was like "ha, I have less than 20g a day, buddy." And before this whole keto conversation he was telling me he ate a whole pizza and had 3 glasses of wine. Ya, there's no was your in ketosis if you had pizza and wine. Red wine alone has 3g carbs per glass. On another note this may be kinda gross and girly, so if your a guy look away. I wasn't sure If I was going to post about this, because it's kinda of personal but I figured I would in case some other ketoers are going through something similar. So in January 26 I got my birth control shot. I get it every three months. No big deal right? Wrong. Week 2 into the diet I start bleeding, freaking out worried I go to the doctor and here is what she tells me: Estrogen is stored in fat cells and since I'm losing fat cells its causing the estrogen to be released hence the bleeding. Here's the other bad thing: The shot lasts 3 months, so as long as I'm in ketosis(fat burning zone) I'm going to be bleeding. That's right a 3 month period. The shot lasts til April 1. I was pretty depressed when I heard this. But I decided after April I'm going to go off the birth control completely. My doctor wanted me to start the mini pill but its going to have the same effect. It's good to have a rest from it anyway. The main reason I started it was difficult periods, but well have to see. So if I want to stay in ketosis (which I do) this is the result. :(

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