Thursday, February 18, 2016

The gym

I decided to post a second post today since I missed the other day. Let's talk about going to the gym and ketosis. I originally posted that I was going to go to the gym 3 times a week to do cardio and cardio only, however after I did some reading I found that cardio is not the best option for people/me on a keto diet. Here's why: Constant fat burning through ketosis, when your body is in ketosis (like mine) it is constantly burning fat for energy. The the fat that you take in and the fat that is stored. Energy is used up in activities you do through out the day, exercising, and everything you do. Even when your sleeping. Because of all of this fuel is coming from fat, you (me) don't need to exercise to burn it off and loose weight. Also, ketogenic diet curbs your (my) appetite, even though some people don't count calories (I do) you are naturally likely to eat a low calorie diet. This means that your calorie use every day is likely to exceed your calorie intake, even without burning through extra calories by exercising. If I was on a carbohydrate rich diet it takes around twenty minutes of cardio before I would begin to burn fat. On a low carbs diet I'm burning it from one minute. And because on a keto diet you only burn fat and it doesn't cause you to lose lean muscle like severe low calorie diet would. Once I complete the nine months the fat will be stripped off and the lean muscle will still be there. This means ketosis and exercise (weight lifting and light walking) used together will give me a better physique.

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