Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cutting the Fat

I decided today I would drastically cut my fat intake. From 135g to 50g. And maybe with this change I will be able to burn some of my stored fat! (loosing weight). I made a lovely sour homemade electrolyte drink. I has Himalayan salt, lemons, coconut water, and water. I just pour 4oz in a cup and then fill the rest with water. Coconut water has a lot of sugar and carbs so I can only do 4oz at a time.The gym was good yesterday however I got beat up and passed out into a long slumber when I got home. My kitchen is really bare right now and it'll stay that way till tomorrow when I can get to the store. I'm not even sure what to have for breakfast. All I have in there is a can of tuna, and a cucumber. Well see what concoction I can make with this. Also one of my friends wanted to see an updated picture of my progress. I only lost 12lb I really don't look different. Some say my face looks thinner but I don't see it yet. I did take pictures from day 1 and I will take them again in a month maybe less.

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